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The OTK Boots Season is Here...

Top Zara // Jeans Shein // Otk boots Anna Field/Zalando // Bag Louis Vuitton via Vestiaire Collective // Bracelet Shein // Ring Edblad

The fall season is definitely here now! It has been so cold here the past days. I have actually started to use my OTK boots. And I think it's time for gloves and hats soon as well. Fall is a beautiful season because of all the colors but I don't like the cold. And I don't like the fact that when fall comes, the winter is not far away. It's also getting really dark outside and it feels like most days are just grey. But I'm trying to stay positive (I know, it doesn't sound like it haha). When it's fall and winter, you can stay inside and do cozy things like baking, watch movies and drink hot chocolate. That I like! 

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you have noticed that I'm no longer blonde. I'm a brunette!!! Still can't believe it haha! My natural hair color is dark/dirty blonde. For some years now I have done lighter blonde highlights. But this time I wanted a big change so I went brunette! But it's not a really dark color and there are some highlights in it as well. But I love the color and I think it suits me very well. I think I will stay brunette for a while now. 

Other than that, not much has happened. Oh, I have worked for a year at my current job now. I can't believe how fast this year went?! What happened??!! It's scary how fast the time goes. It feels like it's Monday and Friday all the time but nothing in between. But it's also a good thing because it means I'm having fun. I love my job, every morning before work or the evening before, I feel so happy and grateful because I have the best job and the best colleagues you can ever imagine.  

My new LV bag!! I love it so so much! I'm so glad I bought it. It was worth spending money on for sure!!

Fall Favorites


Hi lovelies, I hope you're doing well. Fall is really here now and I have of course started to shop fall items. I did a closet clean out last week and now I'm filling it up with new things hehe... You can watch the video here, and please give me thumbs up and a follow as well, that would make me very happy ❤. This fall (or like always haha) I'm into neutral colors and black. I'm trying to shop more mindful and buy things I know I will wear a lot and items in better quality that will last longer. 


My Bliss Body

Hi lovelies and welcome to today's blog post ❤. Today I want to share with you these lovely workout leggings from Bliss Body . I love working and have always loved moving my body. I trained gymnastics between the ages of 6-19 so it has always been a big part of my life. Now I feel my best when I workout about 3 times a week. So when Bliss Body reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their new Sportivo Fit Leggings and of course said yes. They come in several colors (white, pink, black, grey, lime green) but since black is my favorite color, I chose black. 

I have now tried time and I love them! They are so comfortable and stretchy and soft. I feel like some workout leggings are not so comfortable. They are often very tight so it gets uncomfortable and the material is not always that nice. But these are in "workout material" AND they are soft! Perfect if you ask me! Size reference: I'm 169 cm / 5.5 feet and wearing size S

Italy or Sweden?


Tee BikBok // Skirt Bought in the Netherlands // Bag Lauren Ralph Lauren // Sunglasses Gucci 

Hi lovelies! The heat has come back to Sweden and Uppsala so it finally feels like summer again and I love it! Since I don't have vacation anymore and my boyfriend is studying (and covid 19...), we can't travel anywhere so we're just staying in our hometown Uppsala. First I was so sad about the fact that we can't travel due to covid 19. Or we can, but it's a risk we feel like we don't want to take. But now I think it's a good thing that we can't travel. Now we can explore our hometown instead, something we never do. We have been walking a lot over the past days and discovered parts of Uppsala I didn't know existed. You definitely get "home blind"  but I have learned to appreciate my hometown now. Because it is truly beautiful. 

Today we went to the Botanical Garden and took some photos and doesn't it look like Italy?! It could definitely be! I had been to the Botanical Garden before ages ago (literally like at least 10 years ago) with school but never on my own. But it's such a beautiful place. I will definitely go back again soon, and not only for taking outfit photos.  

 ^ Tried to squeeze in the whole palm tree in the picture but it was tricky,haha 


Hi lovelies and welcome to another blog post. Now it's not that many days since I last updated here so I'm improving. 

Today I want to talk about jeans. Yes, jeans. I have never been a fan of jeans. I have always found them uncomfortable and it's difficult to find the right fit and size. But a few days ago I bought a new pair of jeans from HM, the ones I'm wearing in the photo. And I actually love them! They are called "mom high ankle jeans" and they are from the conscious collection. Why I like them is because they are so soft and comfortable in the waist. I wanted something more "cool" to pair with my girly tops. I have a top with huge puffy sleeves and I tried to pair it with everything in my closet but I just looked like a 5 year old, but with these jeans it will be the perfect mix of girly and relaxed. 

New Skincare Products

Hi lovelies, today I want to share some new skincare products with you that I have been trying lately. I'm a big skincare junkie and love to try new products and brands. You can read more about my skincare story and skincare routine in the "Beauty" category.

I like to refresh my skincare routine during the summer/end of summer. I think it is because for me, the end of summer/beginning of fall feels more like a New Year than the actual New Year in December. I always feel inspired this time of the year.

First, I wanted a new night cream. I have been using my night cream for a year now and now I'm kind of bored using that every night. It keeps my skin in good condition but I want to switch things up a bit. So I bought a moisturizer from Skin Treat. They are a natural and botanical brand and I want to use more natural products. So far I'm loving it! My skin feels so soft after applying it and the smell is amazing. The smell is very fresh, like lemon or something. Love it!

Then I also bought a new toner from Madara which also is a natural skincare brand. But that one smells horrible haha!! Like rotten flowers. Eeekk! 

SPF is something that I want in my daily moisturizer. I have very fair skin and easily get sunburned... Not funny at all haha. And even if I use a bb cream or foundation with SPF, and want SPF underneath it. I have combination oily skin and it's difficult to find a moisturizer with higher SPF and that is mattifying. But now I have finally found it from Dermalogica

Always before bed as the last step, I spray my face with a face mist. This one smells really nice, like lavender and it's calming. Emma S is also a swedish brand and it's always nice to support brand from my own country. 

Silk Shopping

Hello and happy Friday! Do you have any fun plans for today? I'm working until 4 so it's a short day for me, yay! Then we have friends coming over for BBQ. 

A few days ago I went silk shopping. I actually got it as a Christmas present from my mom to pick out some items but I never did it until now haha. Silk is supposed to be much better for your skin and hair and I'm excited to see if I can feel or see any difference later. My hair is starting to get quite long and I sleep with my hair down at the moment, but now it's starting to annoy me. I have invisibobbles but they make marks on my hair even tho they are supposed not to. So I thought I would try silk scrunchies and silk pillowcases. It also feels like silk is more comfortable so sleep on than cotton. Have you tried it? ❤